How to Love God with All Your Heart

It is so important to Praise God in the Morning! When no one is looking, and there is no audience. These are the very best times to pray. Pray, might you ask? First, God inhabits the praises of his people. Psalm 22:3 states, “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabits the praises of Israel”. Israel is his people. If you want to learn how to love God with all your heart, then you will want to read the steps below to walking closer with him.

During the podcast, urban couple, Derek and Mikki discuss their interpretation of how to love God. In this delightful podcast exchange, you will hear about their own struggles as they make sense of it all.

The following body of this blog consists of The Daily Bite podcast transcription where Derek and Mikki discuss loving God and bringing forth struggles. I strongly encourage you to listen to this blog podcast on The Daily Bite- How to Love God Part 1 and 2. It is attached to this page for your convenience. Please like and follow us on social media, as we continually discover the blessings of His word.

Begin Podcast Transcription How to Love God Part 1

Mikki: OK, so, but anyway, what I was saying, it felt so good. I mean last night… I just totally said no drinks. No drinks. I said you know, trying to do something. Trying because all these scriptures we are reading, you know; it makes you, you either have to change or you are gonna be fake.

Ways to Love God

Derek: Yeah, I like what you were saying before. Say what you were saying before. How you woke up, you praised God, if felt good. Go back through that for me since we are recording now.

Step One: Humble Yourself and Pray

But anyway, yeah what I said is that like I slept last night. I have been in the habit of just getting on my knees and praying. Every night because I read, you know, some article where someone was just talking about you know binding, spirits and just praying.

Step Two: Learn to say ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Every Night

And my mother she prays she gets on her knees and she prays, so I have been adopting praying and getting on my knees. and let me tell you something every time I get on my knees I pray; I say the Lord’s Prayer

Derek: Yep

Step Three: Ask for Forgiveness

Mikki: and ask God to forgive me of my sins. I also ask God, I pray for all my family, my extended family my children, my grandchildren. And then I ask God to cover

Derek: Grandchild- grandchild- just one. Look do not give us no more (chuckles).

Mikki: Anyway, after I prayed, I asked God to cover- I said “Lord, I ask you to please cover our minds while we are most vulnerable. Heavenly father we ask the Ruach Hakodesh, which is the Holy Spirit to come in while we’re sleeping, to protect us so we can pray for good rest”. You know I prayed for my husband and I go to bed. I woke up this morning and let me tell you what. Man, my mind was so clear and immediately, right when I woke up, you were already downstairs.

I said, “Heavenly Father thank you for this day. Oh, Heavenly Father, thank you for waking me up this morning. and I said, “You are worthy to be praised. Holy Spirit you are welcome in this place”. I said, “And by the way, Good Morning”. I got up and I headed to the bathroom, but it just felt so good to wake up with a sound mind. You know what I mean?

Derek: I do. I do know what you mean. I got up this morning and you know what? Sometimes when I get up, I do not praise like automatically.

Mikki: uh-huh

Derek And I have to think about it. Like I am sitting on the toilet, or something…

Mikki: Like I am not going to pray while I am on this toilet. Right.

Derek: Right, right. But I might get a quick one in, though. Thank you, Lord…I am going to come back.

Mikki: Right, get back at-cha.

But no, the way, just to wake up. Even the endeavor that we chose, and I like it because I wanted something that makes me look at the word of God. So, the business we chose, the the daily scripture readings, um. I did it for that reason too as part of the reason why. So, like bearded black men or something, you could spend you spend several hours a day focusing on something else, whereas I like to spend… because I be convicted. Like I think I am just kind of plodding along. Content… you know what I mean. But I’m convicted.

Step Four: Make Your Request to God

Mikki: Like I can’t very well say these words and I’m not really taking this to heart.

Derek: Yeah, so the rejoicing like even now I find myself since I’ve since we’ve been laid off due to the… uh… the virus, the COVID-19. I’ve been doing more work, so I find myself praising and rejoicing more because it’s on my mind. Just like reading Psalm chapter 20 verse 4 this morning. You know about giving you the desire of your heart and making your day a success. Now this version says, grant the according to their own heart and fulfill all thy counsel. You know but the NIV says uh may the Lord will give you the desires of your heart and make everything you do a success. I think it says something like that.

Watch What You Think About!

Mikki: But you know what? It still boils down to that heart and he will give you the desires of what is on your heart, what is in your heart, and was on your mind.

Derek: And the desires, I think, and I know there are scriptures to support it, but I do not know it right now, but like the righteous person. The righteous man. You want to have righteous desires; you want your will in alignment with God’s will and he will give you the desires. If your desires of your heart are righteous, you do not want the Most High to give you over if you have some illicit dream. You know what I mean? But the desires of your heart… So when, I believe, when you are planning to do righteousness… when you are worshiping or when you are praising…

Remember, Psalm is also a praise.

Mikki: Yes

Derek: It is a Psalm. It is a praise song so when you are worshiping, you are praising, I believe the Lord will give you the desires of your heart. And really, the biggest desire of my heart is that I want that new body!

Mikki: That glorious body!!

Derek: Yeah, I want to go chill with the Most High. I want to go chill with Jesus Christ.

Mikki: When it is all done here. Because this is not the end.

Derek: That glorious body!

Mikki: What’s his name?

Derek: E.V. Hill,

Mikki: EV Hill when he says glorious body- oh man!

Derek: Because he said I only got 3 teeth in my head, and I can push those around with my tongue. (laughter)

Step Five: Pay the Price

Mikki: Love it. But he is right, but it is what we do here on earth, and so since God was the sacrifice, we have to sacrifice something. What do we have to sacrifice? We have to sacrifice giving up the things that we like, that is not of him.

Mikki: You know because he sacrificed.

We do. We do have to give those things up.

Mikki: That glorious body, you have to suffer because he suffered. He is the head of us.

Derek: Yes

Mikki: I mean you already know we are going to suffer so, even in suffering and not being able to go to that party,

Derek: yes

Mikki: you are not being able to, you know, drink and smoke. Just various things you would want to do. I mean you will have to eventually move to something else; you know what I am saying?

Step Six: Fellowship with God Daily

Derek: Oh, and you’re so right, and not only do you sacrifice, you might give up some things you might really desire, but also too… Something you did this morning that you do quite often. You get up, in the morning, or any time of day, especially when you get up in the morning. You praise, but when you pray, or when you commune with the Most High. You fellowship. Fellowship is the word I was looking for.

Mikki: Fellowship!

Derek: You fellowship with the Most High, when no one is looking!

Mikki: oooh see! to Thank you, God!

Derek: When no one is looking… I am trying to… I am talking about Matthew chapter 6 and you know we got that new book of scriptures, let me just read:

Matthew 6

Take heed that you do not your alms before men, to be seen by them, otherwise you have no reward of your father which is in heaven. Therefore, when thou doest thou alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee like the hypocrites do in the synagogues and the streets, that they may have glory of men, Verily I say unto you, they have had their reward. But when though doest alms, let not thine left hand know what thy right hand doth. That thy alms may be in secret, and that thou Father which seeth in secret himself, will reward thee openly.

Mikki: Amen!


In conclusion, our desire should be to love God with all our hearts. Staying connected to him is important, and so is the knowledge of understanding how to connect to him. Praying with a sincere heart, reading his scriptures, and allowing him to speak to you through His word is what will keep us focused as we continue our journey with him.

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